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Now Accepting Stock Donations!

The Gianna Center is now accepting donations of stock! One way to reduce your taxes this year is to donate appreciated stock to Gianna verses making a cash donation.

Key Benefits for Donors:


  • First, donating stock allows donors to avoid both capital gains and state income taxes that they would otherwise need to pay if they instead sold the stock to donate cash.

  • Additionally, donors can claim a charitable deduction for the current fair market value of their stock at the time of donation. Together, these first two benefits can represent significant tax savings for donors.

  • Donating stock also exempts donors from the wash-sale rule, essentially allowing them to repurchase the stock for its current fiat market value, reset their shares at a higher cost-basis, and maintain the composition of their portfolios.

If you are interested in making stock donations,
please contact Barbara Rose at
Will you help us continue our non-profit mission helping women and families? 

Checks can be made out to Gianna Center of Philadelphia and sent by post to:

P.O. Box 354

Jenkintown, PA 19046

As a  501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Gianna Center of Philadelphia is able to provide services to women and families in need only through your generous support. In addition to servicing low income patients the Gianna Center is dedicated to helping train the next generation of  health care professionals through mentoring and clinical instruction. 

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